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You’ve spent hours lovingly crafting your newest Dungeons & Dragons character, LARP character, cosplay, or historical reenactment persona. Everything from hair color to skin texture, from clothing style to body modifications. You know their skills, hobbies, and fears.

Do you know what they smell like?

Scent is powerful. It triggers long forgotten memories and is one of first senses we capture when building new memories. It has ties to culture, time in history, and geographic location.

Scent is a great way to set a scene or set a mood. It makes the perfect finishing touch to any ensemble. Including your character’s. Whether you dress up when you play, or just want something to get your head in the game, creating a scent for your character or persona is a great way to bring it to life.

Are you a Dungeon Master? Make a scent for each new world or campaign and scent the room each time your group plays.

So how does it work? Order this Create A Character scent story with your personalized character information, and feel free to email us at with more details or any questions. Include photos if you have them, and any other details you want me to know about your character. I’ll build a scent just for you. If this is a gift, please email just the same and I’ll send you a Character Scent Certificate!

Story Scents come in a 1 oz. roller-ball bottle. Included is a certificate explaining the scent, what notes went into it, and a bit about your character’s story.

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Story Scents are the artistic creation of our master perfumer and are non-refundable.


Our oils can be used in a variety of ways. Visit our Fragrance Oil Ideas page for plenty of tips and tricks!


Fragrance Oils vs Essential Oils

Silk Road Traders offers Fragrance Oils (also called Perfume Oils), which are synthetically made and designed for topical use only. Why synthetic fragrance oils? ESSENTIAL OILS ARE HARD ON THE ENVIRONMENT! The volume of plant matter needed to sustain the booming essential oil industry in the Western World is wreaking havoc on delicate exotic ecosystems around the world. Additionally, since we at Silk Road Traders are perfumers and not aromatherapists, homeopaths, or healers, our goal is to help you smell good with as minimal an impact on the environment as possible. Learn More Here.