Fragrance Oil Ideas

Our Fragrance Oils are endlessly versatile! Yes, you can apply them directly to your skin for a personal perfume, but here are some more creative ideas. Don't forget that a little goes a long way!

Add just a drop or two:

  • to a wool dryer ball for scented laundry
  • to the inside of toilet paper roll for lightly scented bathroom. not the toilet paper itself though!
  • to a water kettle on wood stove
  • to a humidifier
  • to plain Epsom salts for scented bath salt
  • to cotton balls stored in your dresser drawers for fresh-smelling clothes


Dilute it:

  • mix with water for a room spray/linen spray/body spray
  • mix a few drops with body oil or unscented lotion for scented moisturizer
  • put a few drops in your bath
  • mix a drop with hydrogen peroxide and water for kitchen/bathroom cleaner spray


Use it Full Strength:

  • use in reed diffusers
  • use as perfume
  • use with clay diffusers


Do not consume or put in/near eyes or other sensitive parts of the body. Always spot test before using on skin. Discontinue use if discomfort or irritation occurs.

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