Wire Wrapped Glass Bottle Necklace

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A small glass bottle with cork on a hemp cord, wrapped with colorful wire and beautiful beads. Each hand wrapped glass bottle necklace is beautiful and unique. The bottle you receive might not be exactly like bottles pictured, since each is special and unique. 

These are wonderful for filling with perfume oils. Make a lovely gift by pairing one of these bottles with a small bottle of perfume oil as well. Visit our extensive collection of fragrance oils before checking out!

Bottle necklaces hold approximately 1/6th oz.

These glass bottle necklaces act as personal diffusers. Fill them with oils, then when you wear them your body heat warms the oil and releases a subtle scent through the cork. These also make excellent car air fresheners when hung from the rear view mirror, because the sunlight coming in the through the windows warms the oil in a similar way.