The Spectrum Set

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The Spectrum Set was designed for our Gender Non-Binary friends and family. Have fun in our Gender Playground! This is a set of six scents designed to be mixed and matched to reflect however you’re feeling today: masculine, feminine, or something NBtween! 

The set comes with six individual scents that can be worn alone for a simple fragrance, or layered them together for a more complex scent story. 

The scents in The Spectrum Set include: Amber, Lilac, Sage, Green Tea, Oak Moss and Cedar. 

Gift set includes a 1/3 oz roller-ball bottle of each scent (Six bottles total, a $60 value!) AND a booklet of tips and tricks for layering fragrances. 

Wear amber and lilac for those flirtier days, or reach for oak moss and cedar on the more stoic mornings. The possibilities are endless! 


Fragrance Oils vs Essential Oils

Silk Road Traders offers Fragrance Oils (also called Perfume Oils), which are synthetically made and designed for topical use only. Why synthetic fragrance oils? ESSENTIAL OILS ARE HARD ON THE ENVIRONMENT! The volume of plant matter needed to sustain the booming essential oil industry in the Western World is wreaking havoc on delicate exotic ecosystems around the world. Additionally, since we at Silk Road Traders are perfumers and not aromatherapists, homeopaths, or healers, our goal is to help you smell good with as minimal an impact on the environment as possible. Learn More Here.