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Order the complete set of scents from our Carnivorous Plants Collection! Collect them all and save!  The complete Carnivorous Plants set comes with all six scents, each in a 1/2 oz regular bottle. This set has a $60 value for only $50!

The Scents:

Sundew: These curious-looking plants create tiny droplets of sweet, sticky dew, and wait patiently for insects to be caught in their sugared trap.  This fragrance creeps delicately into your senses, with honeyed, inviting fruits and florals, belying a sharp pang of uncertainty.

Pitcher Plant: From tropical Nepenthe varieties to the "bog standard" Sarracenia, pitcher plants all capture their prey the same way: an irresistible scent lures victims to an inescapable pit.  This fragrance will lure you in with a bright, sweet, fruitiness before drawing you down into its treacherous, earthy core.

Venus Flytrap: This iconic plant is perhaps the most well-known carnivorous plant, and deservedly so!  The dramatic leaves are unmistakable and fascinating, adapted to thrive where few other plants can.  This snappy fragrance reflects the Venus Flytrap and its lowland habitat in coastal North Carolina.  Atlantic air over sun-warmed bog flora, layering salt breezes with persistent foliage and mossy wetlands.

Cobra Lily: Cobra Lilies are native to parts of the Pacific Northwest and are highly specialized to the region.  Though they prefer warm, humid bogs like many of their carnivorous brethren, their roots require cool mountain runoff to thrive.  This fragrance is a lush green, cool and damp, with the barest threat of danger.

Waterwheel: A free-floating freshwater plant, Waterwheels employ a snap-trap similar to the Venus Flytrap to catch their prey underwater.  This fragrance is aquatic through and through, with submerged greenery and the mineral scent of a secluded river bank.

Bromeliad: Bromeliads are a wildly diverse family, including both Pineapples and Spanish Moss, but only a few members are carnivorous.  For this fragrance, our blend has a smooth, tropical feel.  Deep, dark woods with sunlit canopies, creeping herbal groundcover, with a light breeze of exotic florals and citrus.


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Fragrance Oils vs Essential Oils

Silk Road Traders offers Fragrance Oils (also called Perfume Oils), which are synthetically made and designed for topical use only. Why synthetic fragrance oils? ESSENTIAL OILS ARE HARD ON THE ENVIRONMENT! The volume of plant matter needed to sustain the booming essential oil industry in the Western World is wreaking havoc on delicate exotic ecosystems around the world. Additionally, since we at Silk Road Traders are perfumers and not aromatherapists, homeopaths, or healers, our goal is to help you smell good with as minimal an impact on the environment as possible. Learn More Here.